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Website Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

By TigerMedia, May 13, 2008

There are many ways to tweak your website for an ever-changing world. Today your keywords may be the top of the search engines, but in a few years they may be at a trickle of the traffic they are now. Whenever modifying your website you should always keep the important things in mind:

1. Titles are the most important thing on a website. The TITLE tag is crucial and the most important META tag there is. The title should not only tell the visitor what the website is about, but also should be attractive to potential visitors finding you through the search engines. Also, the most important keywords should be to the left.

2. Nothing sinks a website for search engine results like duplicate content or just plain bad content. Using plagarized content (content that is not yours) on your website won't help your results, in fact, Google knows the difference. Write your own text whenever possible.

3. Incoming Link Anchor Text yields search engine keyword results. Over and over again we have proven this with our own projects, and continually managed to get keywords that were contained in our incoming anchor text. Anchor text is the text that other websites use to link you. For example, having other websites link you as "Ripe Bananas" may eventually help you be ranked as a result for that keyword. However, results often take time, and volume of links, and should be targetted at your main keywords.

4. Most people choose terrible keywords to target. This is a common mistake by people selling a product and expecting people to find them the way they would find themselves -- which often is not a good reflection of reality. The best thing to do is research a variety of keywords and find which ones will yield good volume. Compare them all with something like Google Trends and you'll see them all compared and be able to make an informed decision based on actual search keyword volume reports.

5. Know your competition and check their website regularly. If they are being ranked for keywords you want to have, they are doing something you are not.

TigerMedia is a knowledgable in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is able to look at your current website and tweak or redo your current SEO to try and gain better results. But remember, search engines don't respond automatically to changes, it is an ongoing process and rankings change all the time. One day you might be ranked #1 and the next you may not be in the top 10 pages.

-- Adapted from SEO News, June 28, 2007 "Top Ten of the Mose Common SEO Mistakes"

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