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Tiger Media, web design, Regina, Saskatchewan

Tiger Media is an advertising brokerage based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Our innovative company is a leader in business to business advertising services for digital online properties.

We are an innovative market leading advertising empire, serving over 30 billion ad impressions monthly. Our advertising services include standard banner advertising, mobile traffic services, popunder advertising, and much more!

No matter what your business or project, we can provide quality traffic for you, to ensure profitability and growth of your existing revenues.

Marketing Agency
Even the greatest business idea is no good unless people know you exist. Let us create a professional or shocking ad campaign to command attention and drive people to your business. We have experience in print, radio, online advertising, even business cards!
Currently, we are referring Marketing and Creative Services to a reputable partner who will be glad to help you out. A minimum marketing budget of $5,000 is required for these services.

Company History
In 2002, our focus was development of web properties for revenue generation. We no longer provide web development services or manage any web properties. We are now an advertising broker for leading web properties.

In 2006, our primary purpose shifted to connecting quality Publishers who operate and manage various web site properties, to acceptable and profitable Advertisers that want to display their products and services on those websites. It sounds simple, but our years of experience and dedication to honesty, integrity, and treating customers how we would prefer to be treated is what makes Tiger Media unique.

In 2015, our marketing and creative services were spun off and launched as a separate branch of the company, but are only available to businesses with a suitable monthly budget.

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